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#026: Should You Start a Membership Site?

Episode 026




In this episode, I interview Nathalie Doremieux.


Nathalie helps heart-centered women turn their expertise and influence into recurring income by helping them create and grow online programs that impact millions.


Born in France, Nathalie and her family have lived what we call “the American dream.”


After finishing school with her boyfriend (and now husband Olivier), they decided to pack their bags and get on a summer trip to the US to try and find a job. They landed in San Francisco in the Silicon Valley and both found a job and decided to stay.


After 10 years of living a fun but too crazy life, they decided to sell everything, pack their bags and move back to France with their 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat, to stop the craziness of working the corporate and build a new life on their terms.


After lots of trials and many learning experiences, they found their purpose and are now a thriving multiple 6-figure business that helps entrepreneurs build online communities and create life-changing E-Learning experiences through membership sites.


We talked about…

>> membership site content

>> different business models

>> how to pick the right membership model for you

>> how much support should you give?


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>> Get Inspired with these 7 Membership Models [Free Download

>> Thinking of starting a membership site? Book a clarity call with Nathalie, and you get a special gift if you say you’re a listener of the Profitable Content Show


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