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SEO Service for Coaches: Various packages available


Imagine that every person who googles your coaching niche finds your website and books a discovery call with you?

How much would that be worth to your coaching business?

How much are 15 to 50 high-ticket leads worth to you?

I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last 4 years in my business using SEO for coaches
to attract people who are looking for my 1:1 packages.

98% of my leads come from SEO – they close either immediately on a 30-minute discovery call
or through one of two follow-up emails.

Now I’m offering a done-for-you service to make
this happen for you too.

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People go to Google to buy or find a solution to a problem – both of these types of people
are much more likely to buy your coaching services than:

– people you DM without prior consent
– people you just met in that FB group
– anyone who followed you on social
– people you disturb with your ads on Social Media




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Special Niche Packages Available:

– Life Coach SEO Package
– SEO for Business Coaches
– SEO for Executive Coaches
– SEO for new coaches/start-up

As a coach, you cannot afford to tarnish your reputation with gimmicky
and desperate marketing strategies like DM selling and outreach.

For every client you get with outreach, you burn a hundred bridges (if not a thousand!)

What if clients came to you instead of you having to hunt them down?

What would it mean for your reputation if you appeared in the first 4 results for you main industry keywords?



Stephanie Fiteni | Content Strategist & Blog Coach

Hi I’m Stephanie Fiteni, Agency-coFounder, Business Mentor and Marketing Coach for Coaches.

I have 12+ years’ experience managing a digital marketing team made up of SEO, Content and Social specialists.

The SEO for Coaches service is based on the Profitable Content Method™. It works for new and established coaches growing your traffic with highly targeted leads that convert.

We also help you get better at closing discovery calls with complimentary 1:1 coaching.

You’re only 30 days away from launching the strategy that will book your discovery calls automatically. Turning your coaching website into a lead machine.

Let’s understand if this is the right service for you.
We have packages for (almost) every budget. Let’s talk…




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Nathalie Wiederkehr

Nathalie Wiederkehr
Owner and Consultant at

I’m getting more than 5 appointment requests a day from my website – I’m so happy

Stephanie resolved 2 problems for me… How to get more clients and What do I post on social media?. I’m getting 5 appointment requests a day from one blog post on my website, two from another and it keeps growing – I’m so happy!

 I’m now an authority in my field and organisations are asking me to speak at their events.”



Kelly McSherry

Partner & NLP Coach at t Luke Todd & Co

“We saw a staggering 100% month on month increase in the number of people looking at our site. That’s invaluable!