An experienced digital marketeer and coach, Stephanie is both a qualified educator and natural teacher. She has over 20 years’ experience designing and delivering courses and training covering online marketing, content and SEO.

She is also a professional consultant, coach and speaker. Stephanie is know for over-delivering on value and content without overwhelming.

“I got into the business of coaching because I wanted to make sure that each of my students gets the best possible results – this is how I approach my talks and workshops too. I teach actionable tips that create short term wins”

Stephanie is amazing! I have been using her tips and my content creation time went down from 10 hours a week to 2!

I walked in knowing absolutely nothing about SEO and how to utilise it for my business, and totally clueless when it came to ranking, algorithms and a good content creation process. When I came out I had all the tools I needed to get started. Stephanie explains it so well, makes it easy to understand and gives you good tools for creating content for all your channels.

Marian Lundgreen
 - Author and Closet Designer - Attendee @ Sigrun Live - Zurich 2019

Stephanie was the natural first choice for our keynote talk at the launch even of the local Mumpreneur Network. Her experience as a trainer, speaker, online biz owner and mum made her the perfect person to inspire our audience. In spite of her technical background her delivery style is light and easy to understand. We all came away inspired and ready 
to jump into action. 

Vicky Zammit - Event Organiser - Malta Mumpreneur Network - Malta July 2019 Tweet

Stephanie is the real deal.

She gives you not only the tools to up-level your SEO but also the understanding of “why and how” so you are ready to fast incorporate the new knowledge from her workshop into your own business right away.

Dr. Meria Gjerpe - CEO at Boss Your Brain - Attendee @ Sigrun Live - Zurich 2019 Tweet


How to create a Content Plan that works
or how to create a content plan that ranks your website on the first page in Google and gives you lots of social media content to generate leads right away

Many online entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants get caught up in creating their own content. They spend a lot of time writing, creating video, recording podcasts and social media posts. Most end up overwhelmed, others do it in fits and starts whilst some just quit.
This talk helps entrepreneurs create a content plan that achieves both their short term and long term goals. We talk about how to optimise your core content for search engines whilst using it to generate immediate engagement and leads. All this fits into one simple plan. 

How to niche down to grow your profits

This talk is about my journey from brick and mortar agency owner to online entrepreneur. How I cut my working hours from 10+ hour a day to 6- , got fully booked and doubled my income in 6 weeks.

Understanding where your skills meet your industry’s sweet spot will allow you to double your prices. Creating the right packages, will allow you to always make a good profit. Go narrow and deep – get clear with yourself and get your messaging right – the rest will follow.