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Coaching Fees: Setting the right price for your coaching offers

Your coaching fees are a very important element of your business. They help clients understand whether you’re the right fit for them. They position you alongside competitors and change or improve perceptions.  

So isn’t it important to have your coaching fees on your website? Don’t clients want to see them?

Not always…

Here are some tips to help you decide whether it’s the right decision for you to put coaching prices on your website or not:

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How To Become an Online Coach

Building an online coaching business doesn’t need to be complicated. Actually, the simpler you make it, the higher your chances of success. Follow these 5 steps to become an online coach… READ MORE

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How to create your Signature Coaching Program

It probably won’t happen in your first week of business, nor in the second or third. But by the time you’re in the second year of business, you’ll be able to notice some patterns that can help you create the coveted Signature Coaching Program.

And as soon as you notice patterns in the way you coach, you should definitely start drafting your Signature Program because, by default, you can charge more for this…

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Coaching business plan: The ultimate guide to writing your own for 2024

Writing a coaching business plan is very important especially for your first year in business. You don’t want to build a coaching business that feels and earns like a hobby. You want a 6-figure business in 12 to 18 months so you can quit your job and coach full time.
A business plan will help you understand where you can be within a year and how you’re realistically going to get there.

Here are 9 simple steps to build your coaching business plan…
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